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About Us

This website could be called “A Self Offense” resource in appraising!

This is where you can learn to debunk the best trained appraisers by knowing what they were not taught!

If you are a novice … you can avail yourself of the basics and get started in no time at all.

If you are pro … you can sharpen your valuation skills in the angel-fear-to-tread assignments.

Regardless of your appraisal knowledge - you will double your knowledge in methodology!

Black Type Set

We are number ONE when it comes to appraisal methodology!

What subscribers have going for them …

A “Hands on the Wheel” series of postings that will show, for example, in detail how to digitally plot diamonds (we made this one available for review by guests so you can get an idea what we do), how to properly render PDF format appraisals for emailing, how to set-up a searchable client list, and many more insider how-to tips.

And ... forget forums, classes, and whatever else is offered to appraisers. The “Fill the Gaps” in appraisal education will dazzle you. These sessions (like lessons but not part of a formal curriculum) will provide more valuation methodology than any other source – hands down. This will widen your field of expertise and bring in those assignments that pay you what you are worth!

But, let’s not forget that in addition to learning - there are databases that are fully searchable for jewelry trademarks and those Italian marks - in fact, thousands of them. Find the mark and you do not have to think about how to state it in your appraisal - just copy and paste the sentence into your appraisal and get back to work instantly. This is, without a doubt, the best jewelry marks resource anywhere.

Need I go on?


Bill Hoefer

How much is the fee? A mere $200 per year for everything!

You can send money by snail mail or use PayPal.

Legal Advice - a Disclaimer:
Although there are numerous case law citations, regulations, codes, etc. posted on this website, they are not intended to be legal advice. The opinions are strictly information. Before acting on any information provided by this website, consult with an attorney authorized to provide legal advice in the jurisdiction concerned and familiar with the subject matter involved.

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