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What is our Return Policy?

Well, let us imagine someone signing up, then entering the website’s subscribers’ area and doing wholesale downloading of the sessions, forms, articles, etc. Then the subscriber requests a refund.

Information in an electronic format is impossible to return.

Thus, refunds are not offered.

Now, there are two exceptions. I have reserved the right to refuse someone’s subscription if they are one of two types.

If I allow someone to subscribe that lives in a country that has copyright laws that would place me at risk. For example, in the United States, one can use data issued by the government. Some foreign countries, however, claim government copyright over their national databases. To download and place in a database trademark data from some countries can lead to being sued for copyright infringement. Thus ...

(1) Foreign subscribers from countries that will place me at legal risk due to their country’s copyright laws.

I have been in this profession for several years. And yes, I have had my research taken and claimed by my competition. And, believe it or not, one person was bold enough to accuse me of being the intellectual bandit!

(2) A subscriber who, either as an individual or part of a company, has given (or I perceive might give) me a problem – I reserve the right to not allow their subscription.

In both cases, I will refund their money even if they want to remain as a subscriber.

Any questions?

Contact me … Bill Hoefer

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