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Note: This is a paid subscription website - if you want to subscribe, it is $200 per year. Please call (813) 431 3237 or email me using the contact form. We accept cash, checks, money orders, PayPal as well as some credit cards.

Upon filling out the registration form - an email will be sent to me alerting me that you have registered. I will approve it as soon as possible along with an expiration date, providing you are a subscriber.

Your email will be your User Identification whenever you login to the subscribers' area. Write down in a safe place your password. If lost, it will have to be redone as the passwords are encrypted when posted to the database.

NOTE: Fields marked with an * are required.

Subscribers' Registration
All About You
First Name: * i.e. William or William D.
Last Name: * i.e. Hoefer or Hoefer, Jr.
Business Name: Optional.
Address: * Street.
Unit: Optional.
City: *  
State: *  
Zip Code: * 5 digits
Telephone Number: * With area code and no spaces or dashes i.e. 8134313237
Skype Name: Optional.
Login Preferences
Email - User Identification: * Your email will be your User Identification for login.
Email - User Identification: * Again for verification.
Password: * Upper & Lower case, some numbers or special characters are good!
Password Again: * Again for verification.
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