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Divorce Appraising ebooklet now available!

Divorce Ebooklet   

Appraisers have made it clear that they don't need another broad-and-shallow book on appraising. Instead, they want comprehensive information that is about one type of assignment - they want a book about divorce appraising that tells them exactly what they need to know to render highly professional reports.

Why buy an entire book when all you really need to know is one topic - researched and reported with detail?

The Advanced Personal Property Appraisal (APPA) course is also available!

APPA course  

If you want to learn appraising then this is the course for you.

Let's face it . there are courses and seminars that are nothing more than token offerings. You learn nothing and get a certificate. The real world of appraising involves the courts or the risk of becoming involved in a court case. If you did your work according to their mandatory rules then you will have nothing to worry about.

That's right - the course teaches you the real rules of the road. This is not just about being confident and correct but this course is about you making money doing assignments that others do not understand or do not know how to do. In some cases, you may be able to harness a market.

To acquire an ebooklet or enroll in the course:

Subscribers use login on top of this page and then eStore link for a member discount.

Non-subscribers go to Appraising Demystified Website.

You have entered Appraiser Under Oath - an on-going e-magazine for personal property appraisers. Of course, others interested in appraising are also welcome.

This online publication does not have a scheduled publishing deadline but expands as topics arise rather than on a schedule. That means articles and other features will be posted as they are completed. Therefore, you will want to return often to see what is new.

One of the most important area of the website is the Members' Resource. It contains a growing compilation of articles detailing specific assignments. In other words, you can learn in general about dissolution of marriage, for example, and then what the requirements are for a particular state.

Subscribers benefit by getting discounts on seminars and other products. Additionally, a member can request guidance on most issues for free and in the case of billable assistance, receive a substantial discount. This alone is worth the annual subscription fee. It is like having your own personal "appraisal paralegal."

Keep in mind that neither this website nor its researchers are providing legal advice.

Lastly, I invite letters-to-the-editor. I am not afraid of opposing ideas. However, bad language, slanderous or disparaging statements will not be posted. I also will not allow an on-going debate to erupt - so say it politely in a letter and be done with it.


Bill Hoefer
Publisher and Editor

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