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American Cut - The First 100 Years

By Al Gilbertson, G.G.

Published by Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

American Cut Mix a talented gemologist-researcher, a library of reference materials and one hundred years of diamond cut advancement, and you get American Cut, The First 100 Years. This all-inclusive but straightforward book on the evolution of the ideal cut was written by Al Gilbertson who stated "my vision for this book was to share the real evolution of the American Cut and in doing so, credit all of the diamond cutters and industry advocates who contributed to what many think are the best proportions to make a diamond sparkle."

He fulfilled his goal, with the cooperation of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), after dissecting every historical aspect possible. The opus clears the air and now we know that Americans were the innovators and not the Europeans usually credited with developing the ideal cut.

The book is flawless. It is mesmerizing reading. It has page after page of valuable information. Anyone dealing, appraising or evaluating diamonds must buy it.

Reviewed by Bill Hoefer

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