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The Last Facet
The Last Facet – A Bowl for a Table! Read all about it ...
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Three Rs
The Three Rs – Miners and a jeweler changed the world! Read all about it ...
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Thomas Thorp
The First Gem Instrument – Oldest Germ Instrument? Read all about it ...
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Tower of Babel
Resale Appraisals – Service or Disservice? Now you will know not guess ...
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Belais Trademark
White Gold – do you know when jewelers started to use it? Now you will know not guess ...
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Know – not guess – what are the USAA diamond plotting standards!
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Plotting a Diamond
Plotting Diamonds is something that most appraisers dread. What if you could do a professional, in color, accurate diamond plot in less than 3 minutes without a paint program or other specialized software - just Word™ for Windows? Learn the Hoefer Technique for Plotting Diamonds!
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Plottig a Diamond
Searching Trademarks is fast and easy ... find a trademark and just copy-n-paste it into your appraisal! See the most comprehensive jewelry trademark database anywhere!
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There are 29,250 marks in the trademark database.

Enhancing your business’ public image is the most important thing that a professional appraisal can do for you!

Those retailers that offer appraisals as a service often see it as a hindrance rather than a money maker. Appraising is not the same as repairs. If you are thinking of appraisals as if they were repairs, then you are jumping over the dollars to get to the pennies!

However, appraisals can generate a noticeable profit – a profit sorely needed in today’s economic anarchy.

Fast Lanes

Get in the Fast Lane

Most appraisers who take their appraisal business serious will agree that appraisals are recession proof. The customers just keep coming. The key is to charge a proper fee, streamline the process and promote the service. If you are a retail store, it will benefit from what the appraisals spin off – repairs, remounting opportunities and sales.

What does it take to set up a proper appraisal business? You may know about sales, gemology and jewelry but to put it into action, you need to know appraisal theory. This is the most overlooked aspect of building a solid foundation for a valuation business. Standards, procedures, mandatory legal requirements and understanding how to analyze markets in order to determine a defendable value are part of a trained appraiser’s arsenal. Gemology does not teach these much needed points.

You may have taken a course and may even have a professional designation in valuation – but this website can teach you more. No, it will not cost you thousands of dollars, hours sitting in a hotel classroom and leave you with gaps in your education. Instead, I am going to post (share) everything I know for a few hundred dollars a year. I will teach you methodology, create forms for you to use, program databases with much needed information used in appraisals, and show you how to write an appraisal with eye popping results.

You can then have the freedom to render the ubiquitous insurance appraisal or angel-fear-to-tread reports for litigation – but in either case, you will be confident in doing either. Your competition will faint with envy.

I have started and now you can start to make money using the posted information almost from day one.

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