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If you call yourself an appraiser or someday hope to call yourself one, you need to know one hard fact of life: No course given by any appraisal society in America will prepare you to practice this profession.

Whispering gals

Not a single one.

How do I know?

I made my living by exposing the ignorance of people who profess to be certified by, or follow the conflicting and inadequate standards of, America’s appraisal societies. Usually I expose their ignorance in courtrooms where lawyers I have coached challenge the credentials, knowledge, methodology and training of so-called experts who believe and swear themselves to be appraisers. Because of me, these so-called 'experts' are often disqualified from giving testimony, or if allowed to testify, disgraced and humiliated.

I don’t mean to boast. But you don’t want to meet me in a courtroom.

Far better that you meet me in a virtual classroom. There I can teach you how to face the most merciless scrutiny of your expertise and qualifications. The choice is yours: Face the facts about appraising in a classroom before you face them in a courtroom.


I know what you’re thinking. Who am I to tell you that you don’t know enough to call yourself an appraiser or to naively believe appraisal societies will teach you how to become one?


First of all, I am a survivor of bad appraisal training by every recognized personal property appraisal society in America. I could fill a ten-page resume with courses I’ve taken or reviewed and titles I’ve received and allowed to lapse. But showing off would be of no use since my credentials meant nothing when it came time to practice my profession and defend my work in a courtroom. What I needed to know I had to learn on my own. It has taken me 30 years of hard research and study, most of it in law libraries, to become an appraiser who can win the respect of attorneys, judges and juries.

Now I am willing to share my hard-earned knowhow with you. I’m not here to offer you a diploma or a title. I’m here to teach bullet-proof appraising. I equip men and women to overcome the many glaring shortcomings that are commonplace in the profession.

But wait, why don’t you take this test … and find out where you stand. It will not keep your score – only you will know how well or bad you did. You will know your results as soon as you press the “submit” button.

And, good luck!

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